Cannot Not
Profile CD with asamisimasa launched on all that dust label.
Kate Molino and Jason Noble
Kate Molino and Jason Noble
Avant Muzak 2010 16 minutes For flute, soprano saxophone, drum kit, electric guitar, harp, violin, cello and sampler (also arranged for soprano saxophone, clarinet, drum kit, electric organ and sampler, violin, cello and double bass)
Commissioned by Centre Henri Pousseur for Ensemble bESIdES
  1. Slow, quite slow, quite fast and fast; with footsteps
  2. Starting and stopping; with girl poem
  3. Loud and Soft; with construction
  4. Scanning
  5. Cultural Location




Bristol Ensemble
  • Bristol New Music Festival, Colston Hall, UK 23 February 2014
  • Bruges Concertgebouw, Belgium 10 May 2013
  • ISCM World Music Days, Handelsbeurs, Gent, Belgium 30 October 2012
  • Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Germany July 2012
  • Espace Garage, Ottignies, Brussels, Belgium 24 March 2012
  • Rosas Performance Space, Brussels, Belgium 22 May 2011
  • Singel, Antwerp, Belgium 27 March 2011