Cannot Not
Profile CD with asamisimasa launched on all that dust label.

Upcoming and recent performances

Manuel Zurria
Manuel Zurria
Lecture about Bad Music 2015 40 minutes For lecturer, clarinet, electric guitar, synthesiser and violin
Commissioned by Ultima Festival
Ensemble Offspring
  • Glebe Town Hall, Sydney, Australia 13 December 2018
Popular Contexts, Volume 6 2013 23 minutes Trio for vibraphone, drum-kit and sampler keyboard
Commissioned by MaerzMusik, Speak Percussion with support from Julian Burnside
United Instruments of Lucilin
  • Rainy Days, Luxembourg 17 November 2018
Left, Right, Up, Down, Pogo 2013 7 minutes For solo flute For Manuel Zurria
Manuel Zurria
  • Angelica Festival, Bologna, Italy 22 October 2018
Letter Pieces 2007+ Open-score pieces for performer (e.g. dancer, live-artist, actor) and musician (vocal or any instrument).
Ars Nova Ensemble
  • Sound Spaces, Malmö, Sweden 8 June 2018
Ensemble Lemniscate
  • ilSUONO festival, Città di Castello, Italy 18 July 2018
Ensemble Offspring
  • Backstage Music, Sydney, Australia 19 July 2018
  • Open Space, Darmstadt Summer Courses, Germany 27 July 2018
Earth Breeze Smoke 2008 11 minutes For 2 recorders.
Commissioned by The Bruges Concertgebouw
Tomma Wessel and Ines Rasbach
  • Gentse feesten, Belgium 22 July 2018
Fast Medium Swing 2008 10 minutes For solo piano, 3 instruments and sampler.
  • Strenge Kammer @ Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria 12 June 2018